Welcome to this year's blog detailing our field season at McMurdo Station, Antarctica! We are a team of biologists from Portland State University who study the fishes of the extremely cold waters of the Southern Ocean. We will be collecting fish from McMurdo Sound, an icy body of water that borders the Ross Ice Shelf at 78 degrees south latitude. Our studies are focused on the impact of increasing water temperatures on the physiology of these extremely sensitive and ecologically important species.

Monday, October 31, 2011


Since Sunday is our only day off during the week, Halloween in McMurdo is always celebrated on the closet Saturday to Halloween. It is one of the biggest events of the year. People mail down costumes months in advance, or make them from locally discarded materials. There is a party in the big gym that begins with a costume contest. There are several categories: best group, best individual, best Antarctic themed, etc.
Of course, as an Antarctic fish team, we decided to dress up as our favorite local fish, Trematomus bernacchii.
As the Best Group category was called onto stage, we jumped up, wiggled, wriggled, and flopped. The crowd loved us. It was a challenge against other groups that worked hard for their costumes, but everyone loved the fish. We were victorious and swam through the crowd all night.

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