Welcome to this year's blog detailing our field season at McMurdo Station, Antarctica! We are a team of biologists from Portland State University who study the fishes of the extremely cold waters of the Southern Ocean. We will be collecting fish from McMurdo Sound, an icy body of water that borders the Ross Ice Shelf at 78 degrees south latitude. Our studies are focused on the impact of increasing water temperatures on the physiology of these extremely sensitive and ecologically important species.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Boarding the C-17 cargo plane for the 5.5 hour trip to McMurdo. Somehow we mostly slept the whole way...

The team! Every science team on the ice has an "Event Number" and ours is Bravo-308. From left: Marissa Lee (lab manager), Brad Buckley (Principal Investigator), Isaac Sleadd and Dan Hassumani (graduate students). We'll be joined by our field coordinator, Allison "Sandwich" Barden once we arrive.

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